How to Make Money From Your Digital Photos

You can make money selling your digital photos online

Did you know there are sites on the internet where even a beginner can make easy money selling their digital photos for guaranteed pay? We’ve listed a few sites that you can submit your photos to to earn money below.

What Photography Equipment do I need to make money selling my photos?

You will need to have a digital camera (it doesn’t have to be expensive), a computer and an internet connection to upload your photos to a commercial site to sell your photos for you.

Digital Camera and computer

What kind of money can I earn selling my Digital photos online?

You can earn a decent income!Beach with palm trees

You probably won’t be able to retire on what you earn selling your digital photos, but if you spend a few hours a week taking the kind of photos that the sites want, editing them on your computer and then uploading them to the stock photo websites below it could easily provide an extra source of income.

Usual rates are about from $0.89 – $3.89 every time your photo sells.

So if you have 100 photos loaded across the many sites below and they each sells say only twice a month that’s between $178 – $778 per month extra spending money.

Make money from your photography from the following stock photography sites.




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Useful Tips to help you sell your digital photos


  1. Ask yourself  how the person buying your digital image would want to use it. Most digital images get used to represent an idea or concept on a web page. e.g an old wringled face may represent wisdom, not simply an old person. Remember this when taking the image and also when you list the images keywords on the stock photography sites.
  2. It may sound simple but take good photos. The better the quality and resolution of the image the greater the chance that it will catch a buyers eye.
  3. Check out the images on the stock photography sites. Can you get a feel for how they are composed and are there subject matters there that you would enjoy taking photographs of. It can be very disheartening taking photos, editing them and uploading them if you don’t enjoy doing it and they don’t sell aswell!
  4. Follow the stock photography sites guidelines they will reject your images if you don’t.
  5. Research and use keywords that are being searched for by your potential buyers. This is a time when going with the crowd is probably wise.Don’t forget you can usually place an image in several categories and with several different keywords.
  6. Be organised . Correctly labelling and organising your image folders will help you save time and feel more professional in your work.
  7. Make sure you have signed and dated release forms if you are photographing people, buildings or objects. If your not sure get one signed anyway. And keep it in your well organised filing system. If you lose the signed release from the next supermodels first digital photo shoot you really will be kicking yourself !
  8. Stock photography sites aren’t the only place you can sell your digital images. Don’t forget magazines. Check out the inside cover for the addres of the photo editor and send him your BEST work.Don’t send the same images to multiple places until you know if it has been accepted or rejected – Duplicate content is a no-no.

Useful Tips and Links

If you are signing up to online sites to buy or sell your photos I would advise that you check A Consumer’s Guide to E-Payments [PDF] on the site which describes online payment technologies, and how to make your transactions secure.

If you have any concerns with internet safety I would advise a quick look at the attorney generals internet safety guidance document

If you are keen on photographing plants you can submit to USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.
This service will not pay you but it may be good practice for your technique to pass their submission guidelines.
They also provide good advice

  • Quality: It’s not easy to take great pictures of plants, so we’ve developed a checklist that may improve your image submission to PLANTS. Our primary recommendation is to please use a tripod.
  • Digital Camera Images: Please submit high-resolution photographs taken with a good quality digital camera.
  • Ideally your submissions would conform to the following standards:
  • Use at least a 4 megapixel digital camera.
  • Images should be taken at the largest size and best quality settings that the camera is able to produce.
  • The preferred file format is uncompressed TIFF, provided your camera is capable of producing TIFF files.
  • If your camera produces only proprietary RAW files or JPEG, please carefully convert the RAW files to uncompressed TIFF for submission, or submit the best quality JPEG photos your camera can produce. Very good quality can be obtained in high-resolution JPEG files (6 megapixel or higher), however, a few guidelines for JPEGs should be followed:
  • JPEG uses a compression scheme that degrades the image each time it’s saved. Do everything possible to avoid repeatedly saving the file before submission.
  • If you edit, crop or enhance the JPEG photo in an image editor such as Photoshop, be sure to save the image at the highest quality possible. Try to do all of your work at one time to avoid repeatedly saving the file.
  • Retain a copy of the original file from the digital camera in case you need to start the editing process over again.
  • Crop and rotate the images as required.
  • Provide image information with your submissions.

If you are keen on photographing aquatic life Virginia Techs Commercial Fish and Shellfish Technologies site has some interesting links worth looking at.

A good site for students and teachers to practice creating online content using your photos is which has a free 30 day trial.

Photo sharing sites like,, and photobucket.comcan provide good photo ideas

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