Model Release Forms


When and how can I use my photographic images ?

A big mistake made by many photographers old and new is to place their photos with agencies without the approval of the subjects in the photo.
And that means people in the image and from the person responcible for any building or object that may be in your image aswell.
Make sure that you have a signed model/building release form.

This is a vital step in trying to avoid litigation, which can be a very expensive and unpleasant experience. Unfortunately the rules are different state to state and country to country and I would strongly advise seeking local advice.

The stock image sites that I have listed provide further useful advice on Model Release Forms.


Avoid Fireworks !

I have placed three sample release forms below that you can download to use as a starting point. Right click and “save target as ” to keep for future use.
Adult release form pdf
Minor release form pdf
property and location release form pdf

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